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    Artist Series

    Lil G - Atrist Series

    Lil G - Atrist Series

    - where are you from?

    I from Caracas-Venezuela

    - what crew(s) do you rep?

    My original crew is Speedy Angels but also i am part of Team vinotinto , Red Bull BC One All Star and Super Cr3w

    - how long have you been bboying?

    now I have 16 year of bboying

    -what got you into bboying? And who were some of your inspirations that got you started?

    I went to the dance for a hobby, them some friends from venezuela took me learn more about the bboying, and about who inspiration and that moment, bboy shadow from venezuela was one of the best power move si in venezuela

    -how would you describe your style?

    my style is totally risky jajajjaa

    -who are some of the bboys that influenced your style?

    For sure the and from Korea and boy from usa this guys influence me A lot!

    -what do you think about the scene today compared to when you first started?

    Today is more easy to have Everything them before but Ian better because the new generation have more oportunity but also before was great and more crazy them now for sure

    -what do you like to do outside of bboying?

    Outside of bboying of course share with my friend Family stay home with my wife enjoy the life

    -what is your most memorable battle?
    IBE 2010

    -name your top 5 bboys of all time (no particular order)

    1) the end 2) storm 3) Hong 10 4) neguin 5) lamine

    -what are some of your favorite music groups or artists? Any music 👍🏼

    -what are a few things people might not know about you?

    I think many things, but I can also say that I am an organizer of 7 year ago, Ilive and always live in venezuela but I travel So people thing I live in usa or Europa , I am a Christian, I have 8 brothers,

    -name your top 3 favorite food?

    1 any pasta 🍝 Any fish and soup

    -any last shout outs?

    everything you do, I need to be with the purpose in life, I always love what you do! and plant everything you have learned to others, God is the way of truth and life and there is no better love than yours to achieve a great purpose on earth, believe it and dream big and you will see that you will achieve great things because God is with you Jesus


    Clyde Singleton -Artist Series

    - Where are you from?
    Jacksonville, Florida.. Northside native..

    - How long have you been skating?

    - Who inspired you to start skating?
    my neighbor.. he had a board, i picked it up.. started tick-tacking to the bus stop, and went 2 bus stops up.. haven't quit since..

    - What sponsors are you reppin nowadays?....and who did you skate for back in the days?

    i dont skate for anyone.. dont want to.. i do it for the love now.. fukk a sponsor.. its no fun, when it becomes a job.. as for back in tha day- started off with Vision.. moved on to Acme.. then, went to Natas Kaupas' 101.. Sal recruited me to 23 after.. then, we banged out Aesthetics/Elwood.. and, ended it out skating for Zoo.. had a great career.. cant complain..

    - Who are your biggest influences when you started?
    Fred Reeves, and Steve Steadham.. they were the only brothers i seen skateboarding in magazines.. that, was inspirational to me..

    - How many competitions have you entered?
    too many to remember..
    and which one was the most memorable?

    North Hampton, England.. i made it to the finals, in a World Cup.. also, one of the first x-Games in Oceanside.. i beat Tony Hawk.. whaddup Birdman..

    - Other then the US, which country has the dopest skaters?
    US hasnt had the dopest skaters, since about 96..just keepin it real..
    - 5 best skaters of all-time?

    Sean Sheffey, Julien Stranger, Kareem Campbell, Sal Barbier and Kevin Taylor..

    - What artists are you bumpin in your ipod when you're skating?
    i cant wear a ipod when i skate.. its goofy, as well as distracting..

    - Are you currently working on anything?...projects outside of skating?
    school. got limited edition boards dropping this Summer.. a few gallery openings.. another contest.. ill be grinding until forever..

    - Name 3 things your fans may not know about you?
    im very well read.. im from Jacksonville- not Cali.. im not into trends, whatsoever..

    - Any shout-outs?
    Mom, Pops, my brother Ray, my family and anybody reading this.. yall be easy..

    Bboy-Victor Interview

    B: Where are you from?

    V: I'm from Kissimmee florida born and raised

    B:What crew do you rep?

    V:The crews I rep are the squadron and mfkidz

    B: How long have you been bboying?

    V: I been breaking for 10 years now!

    B: What got you into bboying?...and who were some of your inspirations that got you started?

    V: What got me into bboying was my dad and his twin brother. They use to break back in Mexico when it first started. They taught me backspins footwork and Beatstreet movie after that I never stopped.

    B: How would you describe your style?

    V: My style I would describe it as explosive energetic, smooth and powerful

    B: Who are some of the b-boys that influenced your style?

    V: Some of the bboys that influence my style was the next one bboy Thunder bboy evo mad nico. There's plenty but here are a few

    B:What do you think about the scene today, compared to how it use to be when you were first coming up?

    V: I think the scene today is good and there's a lot more bboys but when I was first coming up I think it was crazier and better becuase I was battling all of the top heads in FL for example like main ingredients, mind180, flipside Kings, fresh intelex, and that's how I got better and the jams were hype now it's not the same.

    B: What do you like to do outside of bboying?

    V: Outside of bboying I love to adventure out skate around the city seeing new views and learning new things.

    B: Your top 5 b-boys of all-time? (in no particular order)

    V: My top 5 bboys of all? Dang that's a hard question but here you go
    Ken swift
    Crazy legs
    Swift rock

    B:What are some of your favorite music groups or artists that's always in rotation

    V: Favorite artist are lord finesse, big l, tribe called quest, tupac there a lot! But that's all I can think of.

    B:Name your top 3 favorite food?

    V: Top 3 favorite foods would be jerk chicken inchelada, Japanese pizza with fried squid and tai food!

    B: any last shout-outs?

    V: Shoutouts to all my crews my family my freinds who have my back for the people who believe in me and continue to show love and support!!! Thank you bofresco for the love shout out to yall!!!


    Dj Bonics - Interview

    Bo: Where are you from...?

    Born in Philadelphia. Went to College in PGH and learned the craft and stayed there up until recently where I currently go back and forth from PGH to Philly if not on tour. So i guess Pennsylvania.

    Bo: What was your first set up and What do you currently use...?

    Oh Shit! My dad bought me these Numark "Dj-In-A-Box" Turntables. They were purple, plastic, belt driven and pretty awful. But that's what i started on so I can't hate!

    Bo: What do you feel about Digital Djing to Analog Djing...?

    Well digital djing is obviously the current standard. What's dope about it is that it really makes the possibilities endless. You can have any type of music, any sound, at anytime. It also beats carrying around crates of records. But analog and in this case djing with Wax was definitely where I started. And to me really is the best way to start. Learning how to mix, cut, and blend REAL records really helps a build discipline. It helps you really learn the fundamentals of mixing because it's not as forgivable. If your blend is off you got to bring the needle to the beginning of the record by hand versus pressing one button to go back to the cue point. If you are scratching and the record skips you have to go back and find the sound, unlike using digital stuff where you are never really gonna lose the sound no matter where the needle jumps (unless you blast it off the table). I'm not gonna be the purist guy that says I'm better because I've learned on Wax. I just know that I have a deeper understanding of djing and have skills that are only learned through that "period" of djing.

    Bo: Most memorable moment as a DJ...?

    Wow. There is a few memorable moments. Most recently I remember in the early 2000's I use to work for Clear Channel Entertainment help promoting concerts. So at the biggest concert venue in the PGH area, I use to pass flyers out to come to different shows, concert deals etc. And at that same venue just this past summer I got to play at that venue for a sold out crowd over 22,000 people. Another honorable mention was winning the Red Bull Thre3style in Pgh and then competing in the first ever U.S. Finals.

    Bo: Tell the folks who you Dj for ?

    WIz Khalifa and for WIred 96.5 Philadelphia, and occasionally on 96.1 Kiss in PGH.

    Bo: What do you feel about the new generation of tablist compared to the the generations in the past?

    I don't even know if there are "new tablist." I sure their are kids who can scratch and juggle etc. But there is no real comparison to the cats from the 90's and early 2000's. The pioneer's. The Q-bert's, Roc Raida's, A-Trak's and Craze's. These dudes were innovators and seemed to make endless possibilities with a very limited medium. That's why I continue to make scratch video's to show the new cats that it's more then playing the hottest song at the moment. There is a craft and an art involved.

    Bo: What project are you currently working on?

    Possibly working on my own Wiz mixtape. I have just also "signed" an artist that I'm managing who is a singer songwriter named Mo Safren. I also placed 2 beats on Wiz's new album coming out this fall with a producer that I represent. I do a mix show that I host and mix every saturday night that you can hear on Wired 96.5 Philly. And this fall I'm going on a 3 month tour with WIz and the Taylor Gang. There is always some work in progress.

    Bo: Pizza or Sushi?

    That's tough. I love sushi but I'd have to say Pizza.

    Bo: Who are the top 5 DJ's on your list?

    Q-bert, Craze, Jazzy Jeff, Kenny Dope, and AM.

    Bo: What's playing in your I pod currently?

    Classics mainly right now. Beatles, BIlly Joel, Sade, Tortured Soul, and a few random mixtapes.

    Bo: Anything advise you want to share with the new generations up and coming ?

    Don't be afraid to build a legend. I know the lifestyle and the fast life seems tempting but a real dj will always know a real dj. Take your time, do it right, you can do it baby, do it tonight.... oh... Just love it.

    Bo: I so appreciate the more question for the road...Boom bap or trap?

    I mean I from the golden era. I grew up listening to that era. SO my hear is there. I love me an 808 drum roll though. And I am fucking with the TRAP HOUSE shit.

    Once again thanks homie!!! Just send the pic with the questions and some links of the projects you got out and we will let you know when we put it up there!!!

    God bless my friend!!!