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    Artist Series

    B-Boy Teknyc -Interview

    - Where are you originally from? I'm from Barrio Obrero(Santurce),Puerto Rico.

    - What crew do you rep? I rep Skill Methodz.

    - how long have you've been b-boying? I've been breakin' for 17 years.

    - Who were some of your inspirations when you first got started? When i first started my inspirations were/are my older brother Willie,Crazy Legs,Ken Swift,Swift Rock,Kwik Step,Mauritzio,Speedy Legs(FL),Troll,Kareem(France/Aktuel force),Second to None(UK),Demon Smurf and many more.

    - Outside of b-boying, you also dabble in graffiti and in boxing. Who are some of the people that you looked up to when you first started doing both? In boxing growing up i looked up to Wilfredo Gomez,Macho Camacho(R.I.P),Julio Cesar Chavez,Sugar Ray Leonard,Roberto Duran,Mike Tyson,Marvin Hagler. damn there were a lot of greats in that era man. For Graff most definitely my brothers Ewok and Ceaze, Also Dash,Cope,Ces,West,Teal,View2,Trixter,Ghost,Serve,Doves,Wane,Jaes,Doc. I still look up to those guys, they're all still killing it.

    - Other then the 3 things cats know you for doing, what are a few things that you do, most people may NOT know you do? I'm a super hero at night, i fight sharks every other week to test myself see if i still got it, I also fly jets on Wednesdays. "Super straight face."
    - You've traveled to many countries doing your thing. Which country outside of the US was the dopest? and most memorable for you? They were all dope in their own unique way, i learned a lot from every place I've visited. I guess the most memorable would be the Giza Pyramids in Egypt. That was once the most advanced civilization on this planet. I got to be there & go inside the big pyramid. That's pretty memorable to say the least.

    - What movies, commercials, etc have you been in?..and out of all of them, which was the best experience for you? My first commercial was a Sony commercial where i was a Bboy Santa Claus back in like 2000,LOL. I was in Step Up 3D and the upcoming film Battle Of The Year. To be honest the best experience with work outside our scene was Rennie Harris's theatre show "Rome & Jewelz." I got to do some acting playing the role of Mercutio and we got to travel and perform that show all over the world. That experience and being mentored by Rennie Harris was critical in shaping me to the man and artist I am today. I learned a lot of lessons that I still apply today in my personal life and in my professional life.

    - What do you think about today's b-boy scene, as oppose to how it was back in the days? It's the reflection of our world today. Today everything is hot now then gone tomorrow,not a lot sticks to last the test of time. It's disposable to a lot of people as opposed to something invaluable,something you feel it has to be there for you to nourish & take care of it so you can grow together with it. When we started we felt like we had to do this full out,to the highest degree of integrity,we felt like we had a responsibility. We wanted to help preserve it. I don't feel that's the case for the majority today. It's a very few that i get that feeling from and very rarely.

    - What are some of your favorite music groups or artists that’s always in rotation in your iPod? Nas,Wu Tang,Menahan Street Band,El Michael's Affair,Nightmares On Wax,Phoenix and The XX.

    - Who are your top 5 b-boys of all-time? My brother Willie. SKILLMETHODZ Crazy Legs. Ken Swift. Kmel.

    5 boxers of all-time? Muhammad Ali. Mike Tyson. Sugar Ray Leonard. Julio Cesar Chavez 5- Undecided. LOL.. 5 graffiti artists of all-time? Skeme. JA. Cope. Ewok Wane.

    - What are 3 of your favorite foods? Puerto Rican. Arroz con gandules y Carne Guisada. Pho. General Tso's Chicken. Ceviche. Classic american cheeseburger & fries.

    - What advice could you give to an up and coming b-boy? Learn your history, Fall in love with the music, study RSC,Second to none,Battle squad & Skill Methodz.

    - any shout-outs? My family,My lady Homa, my crew SKMZ,all my peeps world wide & of course you Basic, the whole MIC & Bofresco.

    B-Boy Flexum - Interview

    Where are you from?
    Santa Rosa California. The Bay Area!
    -What crew do you rep?
    Knuckleheads Cali x Furious Styles x 5150 x Sour Patch x StarChild La Rock x Frenemies

    -How long have you been bboying?
    2014 marks my 20th year.

    -What got you into bboying?...and who were some of your inspirations that got you started?
    The person that got me into bboying was Bboy Vietnam from Rock Force. My father who also use to break got me started. Some of the inspirations that got me started were Vietnam, Ivan, Remind, Ken Swift, Buck 4, Kuriaki, Swift Rock, Wicket, Jazzy J, Orko LiL Ceaser, EasyRoc and storm.
    -How would you describe your style?
    The way I can describe my style is the way everyone else sees me, entertaining. I myself describe it as fun, unpredictable, explosive and most of all musically tuned.

    -Who are some of the b-boys that influenced your style?
    Off the bat I have to say Remind, Ivan, Poe1, Kuriaki, Wicket, Flo Master, Ken Swift, Sway, Swift Rock, Pablo, EasyRoc and Knuckleheads Cali.

    -What do you think about the scene today, compared to how it use to be when you were first coming up?
    The scene now compared to before is incredibly bigger for starters. There jams every weekend in ever state! Before there wasn't a event for almost months at a time and you had to travel in trunks of cars just to get there. I feel today that the rawness, the music, the freedom is missing. Many today really look the same based on what they think it is to Bboy.

    -What do you like to do outside of bboying?
    Shoot where do I start haha well I've been skateboarding since I was a early teen and still do today. Also really like to snowboard and wakeboard. Like experimenting with all kinds of music to see what my mind comes up. Like camping hiking and anything outdoors. From fishing in the ocean to sitting on the river. Most of all I just enjoy watching movies.
    -You've traveled to many countries to do what you do,which country was the most memorable for you?
    This question is hard cause EVERY country has given me something so memorable. Guess ending 2013 I have to say Osaka/Kyoto Japan was the most memorable. Had my crew and family there on top of seeing old time friends coming up in the scene with, Mortal Combat and Body Carnival.

    -Name your top 5 b-boys of all-time? (in no particular order)
    Kuriaki, Ken Swift, Remind, Ivan, Easy Roc.
    -What are some of your favorite music groups or artists that's always in rotation in your ipod?
    Well that would be a easy question is it wasn't for my iPod being stolen. If I had to say it would be Led Zeppelin, GangStar, The Black Keys, The Temptations, WuTangClan, Rage Against The Machine, TribeCalledQuest, MostDef, The Mars Volta, Brenton Wood, The Doors, James Brown.
    -Name your top 3 favorite food?
    Korean BBQ, Pho, Mexican Food
    -any last shout-outs?
    Like to give Basic a huge shout out for giving me a opportunity to share myself with the line and the supporters. Much love to my fans and the folks in Hip Hop keeping our culture alive and striving forward. To my crews that I mentioned plus my pboys who made 2013 one hella of a year! Also to my boy Vinnie aka Vephots for photo shoot for the fam Bofresco. My family and friends who have supported me and continue to, thank you!

    Rich Medina - Interview

    -Where are you from?

    I'm from Lakewood New Jersey originally, but I've been living in Philadelphia since 1992.
    - How long have you been djing?

    I've been a DJ since I was 11 years old.
    I've been a "professional" DJ for far less time haha.

    - Who are some of the OG DJs that inspired/influenced you when you were just getting started?

    Larry Levan
    Shep Pettibone
    Ernie Kendall
    DJ Cheese
    DJ Cool V
    DJ Bassy
    DJ Scorpio
    Kid Capri
    Pete DJ Jones
    Mr Scott
    Afrika Bambaataa
    Grand Wizard Theodore
    Grandmaster Flash
    +++++++++++++++++++ i could go on...

    - You're known to play an ill variety of different genres. What's some of your favorites you like to rock?

    Rare Groove
    Random province funk from brown countries
    Hip Hop

    - and who are some of your favorite artists/groups?

    Cold Crush
    Rock Steady
    Stevie WOnder
    Fela Kuti
    James Brown
    Andy Bey
    Donny Hathaway
    Roberta Flack
    The Funk Brothers
    The Mizell Brothers
    De La
    The Roots
    Marvin Gaye
    Gil Scott Heron
    Philly International
    Every artist that ever appeared on Soul Train and AMerican Bandstand
    ++++++++ i could go on....

    -Top 5 records that never leave your crate?

    Fela - Fogo Fogo
    James Brown - The Big Payback
    Tribe Called Quest - Jam
    DJ Spinna & Sean Escoffery - Days Like This
    The Blackbirds - Reggins

    - What's one of your holy-grails that you own?....and one that you're still looking for?

    East Of Underground is one of my grails.
    Looking for far too much other holy shit to mention here fam....

    - What do you like to do outside of djing?

    Time with my family
    Good weed
    Good rum
    Good people
    Listening to my favorite DJs and artists play live

    - What can we expect out of RM in the near future?

    Expect more hard work, diversified business and branding, and new music from my studio very soon.

    - Top 5 DJs of all-time?

    Impossible. Some of them haven't been born yet, and some are still coming into their own.

    But for starters:
    Larry Levan

    I can't put anyone else on the all time list at the moment. I'd like to believe that one day you're gonna ask another person this question and they might consider me. Still working for that, as are many of my peers, many of whom who could contend for this list...

    - What's the dopest country outside of the US, that you enjoy rockin' whenever you're out there?


    Have yet to go to africa, but considering my love for and representation of West African music, I assume Africa will be added to that list within a year.

    - Name 3 things your fans may not know about you?

    I was a competitive roller speed skating champion as a 12 year old.
    I love fried chicken and watermelon like "all Black people".
    I dunked on Rick Fox ( North Carolina/LA Lakers) in college.

    - Any shout-outs?

    My mom.
    My lady.
    My son.

    I love you all more than life itself

    B-Boy Kevo Interview

    Where are you from? Im originally from San diego California but i was raised in Jacksonville Florida..

    -What crew do you rep? I represent the one and only Main Ingredients Crew..

    -How long have you been bboying? I've been bboying for more than 13 years now.

    -What got you into bboying?...and who were some of your inspirations that got you started? My two older sisters introduced me to the dance... to be honest the only bboy i liked when i was little was easyroc. his tape inspired me alot , plus it was the only tape i had.

    -How would you describe your style? I dont really have a description for my style. I practice just about everything. I just try to do what i like and be well rounded.

    -Who are some of the b-boys that influenced your style? There is toooo many to name but some of them would have to be easyroc, wicket, ivan, floor rock, kmel, stripes,milky and ruen... i can spend all day answering this question but those are some i can think at the moment.

    -What do you think about the scene today, compared to how it use to be when you were first coming up? its cool, its just way too serious for me now. When i was coming up i just did what i liked and had fun with my crew but now its all about whos who and competition. I dont hate it though, it was meant to happen. I just try to do me.

    -What do you like to do outside of bboying? I like chilling man.. with my lady or my crew .. play bowling, shoot pool, go drink drink, a lot of random stuff..

    -You've traveled to many countries to do what you do,which country was the most memorable for you? I would have to say France this past march was the most memorable. It meant a lot to me because stripes and I won chelles battle pro and to take the w with my boy is a crazzyy feeling.

    -Name your top 5 b-boys of all-time? (in no particular order) easyroc,ivan, kmel, ruen, stripes.

    -What are some of your favorite music groups or artists that's always in rotation in your ipod? lol man i like wu tang a lot .. i like a lot of hip hop.. bob marley music ... breaks.. sade.. smooth jazz.. funky music .. house music.. all kinds.

    -Name your top 3 favorite food? wooo! chicken fingers, chicken katsu, krystals.. all the healthy stuff..

    -any last shout-outs? Shouts to my crew/family , bofresco, nufsed, and to all the bboys holding it down..

    B-Boy Stripes Interview

    Where are you from?

    I was originally born in Stuttgart Germany but at 5 yrs old i moved to Jacksonville, Florida and I was raised there.

    2.What crew do you rep?
    I represent FlipsideKings and MainIngredients and Bgsk Fam

    3.How long have you been bboying?
    In August of this year, I will have been breaking for 12 years

    4.What got you into bboying?...and who were some of your inspirations that got you started?

    As far hip hop in general I’ve always been exposed to it in some way or another through my siblings and people I was around, not necessarily “oh these are the four elements” but as far music, clothing, and shit like that, its always been there no one ever had to say to me, oh, this is “hip hop yo” like how it is now, which i think is kind of corny loll

    As far as breaking I first saw it my from an older guy in my neighborhood but i didn’t start right away, he showed me beat street, and another tape he had gotten from somewhere I didn’t know at that time what it was, but recently i realized it was an old freestyle session tape , a few years later breaking found its way back to me, I saw beat street on WB channel 9 then I got the Radiotron tape an i was like damn..I was inspired by all the things i saw going on in that video, not just the breaking but also just the energy behind it.

    5 -How would you describe your style?
    If i had to describe it I would have to say .Action Bronsons verse on that MARS track. I have come along way but I still have long way to go. Maybe I wont be competing by that time and thats ok I am enjoying the journey.

    6-Who are some of the b-boys that influenced your style?
    Kevo, Lego, Chizo, Insight, Grits, Jules, Dahs, Vengeance, Beastmode Keebz theres more though

    7-What do you think about the scene today, compared to how it use to be when you were first coming up?

    Hm i dont wanna just say all the cliche stuff that everybody says but yeah it is different i think i came into breaking right at the end of a good time and the beginning of how it is now, i cant complain though fortunately for me I’m able to see the good and enjoy myself instead of being angry about it.

    Its the same in everyday life, being born in 87 I experienced the change, the end of a certain way of living before the technology became so easily accessible to everyone. When you had to call girls on your house phone an shit lol, Shit changes, theres always some good in it though, if you know how to see it ;)

    8-What do you like to do outside of bboying?

    Listen to music, chill, play 2K, and just living, i actually still love to break so i spend most of the time doing that, because i want to, i enjoy it, i notice a lot of people aren’t like that anymore they just break to get better at breaking.

    9-You've traveled to many countries to do what you do,which country was the most memorable for you?
    I would have to say France because it was my first trip i think, when i went to europe for 2 weeks with Kevo in 2008, I quit my job at the time just to go, cuz i thought that would be the only chance i would ever get to go to paris in my life so i just walked out that shit like homie did on half baked,

    10-Name your top 5 b-boys of all-time? (in no particular order)
    Lego,Kevo, Moy, Ken Swift, Rudi Gobstopper i could go on though

    11-What are some of your favorite music groups or artists that's always in rotation in your ipod?
    Gil Scott, Roc Marciano, Lauryn Hill Unplugged, Oddisee, Nature, Willie The Kid, Curren$y, Toro Y Moi, Radiohead, Asamov, King Krule

    12-Name your top 3 favorite food?
    Seafood, Fritanga, Some chinese food that i can’t say in english lol

    13-any last shout-outs?
    Shout to you guys at Bofresco each one of y’all are official, and thank you for all the gems you guys dropped on me as a yute.

    FSK,MIC, MIND180, Sweet Technique, Havikoro,FloorLords, Self-X, Dragon Style, SKMZ ,Ruffneck Attack, BGSK,MZK, HBKZ, FDC, LGA, Tata, Flaco, Pepito, Steez,Katsu,Sammy Samo, Lorenski, Macca,Roxington, Squid, Namek, Trigger, Omen, Fantum, Morris, Kareem, Puzzles, Noname,Vision, Sweepy(RSC) J-Smooth,and everyone else who inspires me peace my frillies