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    Artist Series

    B-Boy Saewl Interview

    Where are you from?

    Born in Los Angeles but raised in Inland Empire - Rialto CA. Reppin the West Coast.

    -What crew do you rep?

    Squishy Docious & Air Force Crew

    -How long have you been bboying?

    Just hit my 8th year and it feels good.

    -What got you into bboying?...and who were some of your inspirations that got you started?

    When I was a kid I seen my cousins Ernie (R.I.P.) and Junior get down at a family party in LA. They were bustin’ out power moves like nothing, first time I seen something like that in my life. They taught me a basic head spin drill and a 3 step. From there it started, then my pops showed me the movies Beat Street and Breakin,’ I was digging the West and East Coast Flavor. Those movies inspired me like crazy. Later on in middle school I met my bro Ryry, who I’d seen holding it down at all the school parties. We linked up again in High School and he showed me the basics, he also introduced me to some awesome people from my city who danced as well, Nintendo Crew. My boys Danny, Luis, Alvin, and Ozzy taught me basic power moves, freezes and top rocks. They also passed down some golden footage, an old VHS tape of Freestyle Session Japan 2002 and 2003. From there the inspiration fueled me and I practiced hard every day.

    -How would you describe your style?

    I’ve always been highly Influenced by my crew SDC, each one of my brothers have helped mold my style in a way. The name “Docious” and what it means to me = Hungry, Raw, Active, Dope, Fresh and Funky. Also the OG IE Bboys, my generation and the upcoming ones, much respect. I like to blend West & East Coast styles, the West with the flying air flavor and dynamic style, and the East for the original Bboy flavor and fresh foundation.

    -Who are some of the b-boys that influenced your style?

    My Crew Squishy Docious, all the REAL crews whom I’ve met personally, members with different ways of killin the floor like, Battle Monkeys, Circus Runaways, Air Force Crew, Skill Methodz, Boogie Brats, Style Elements, Killafornia, LA Breakers, Rock Steady Crew, Battle Squad, Havikoro, Rhythm Bugz, Street Masters, Supernaturalz, Renegades, Rock Force, Unique Styles, 7$, Mind 180, BGSK & Mighty Zulu Kingz.

    -What do you think about the scene today, compared to how it use to be when you were first coming up?

    To me the scene is growing, everywhere I go I’m seeing more new talent, especially overseas. Back in the states certain events are not as jam packed as they were before, but definitely still dope for what they are when you have good vibes and good people in the building. I’m glad to see the scene in my hometown growing as well, my crew and I try to keep it alive by teaching and throwing events in the IE county.

    -What do you like to do outside of bboying?

    Draw, Graff, Read, Hike, Skate and take pictures.

    -You've traveled to many countries to do what you do, which country was the most memorable for you?
    Man these trips have been getting more epic and memorable for me. One of my most memorable trips was when I traveled to Florida for Who Can Roast The Most 11. It was my first flight out of California, paid for my own ticket with help from my boy DJ Erok. I got there and had to battle just to get into the shuttle van that picked me up haha. I always heard Florida was known for the Bboys/Bgirls, hungry to battle anytime anywhere, def lived up to the name, good times. I went out there solo, hardly knowing anyone. Soon as I battled in a 10 round exhibition against J-Hak from TG Breakers Korea, nearly everyone who saw the battle came to me and showed mad love. Just being out there for a week was dope, I got to chill with some inspirations of mine, Bebe and his crew Ground Zero, Flipside Kingz, and the homies from Florida. They showed me around Ft Lauderdale, Orlando and Miami. I went to train, chill, eat and sight see, we also hit up some clubs and got down. Def came back home inspired and with an even hungrier mindset.

    -Name your top 5 b-boys of all-time? (in no particular order)

    Kmel, Storm, Maurizio, Lil Cesar & Moy

    -What are some of your favorite music groups or artists that's always in rotation in your ipod?

    Flying Lotus, J. Dilla, 9th Wonder, Pete Rock, B. Lewis, Asheru, Oddisee, Bob Marley, Common, The Black Keys, Joey Bada$$, K. Dot, Wu-Tang, Snoop Dogg, Pac Div, The Roots, & Guru.

    -Name your top 3 favorite food?

    Pizza, Mexican, & Thai food

    -any last shout-outs?

    Shout outs to my family, my friends, the IE movement. Also shout out to every crew I mentioned earlier, Basic & Bofresco, Bounce and all the S0R Fam, Physical Poets, The Hip Hop School of Arts in Pomona, to all the Bboys and Bgirls around the world, those who are hungry and reppin’ to the fullest.

    Dj Qbert Interview

    where are you from?
    born and raised in San Francisco

    how long have you been djing?
    since 1985

    what was your first set up and what do you currently use?
    radio shack mixer… the one with no crossfader and an old school turntable with a radio, and tape deck all in one, lol

    who were some of the OG DJs that inspired/influnced you, when you first got started?
    mix master ice, joe cooley, evil e, cash money, alladin, dj miz, dj man, jazzy jeff, bobcat, mr mixx, toomp, and my partner mix master mike

    top 5 records that never leave your crate?
    pair of Slow Roasted SuperSeal Traktor Records, SuperSeal 4D, The B.O.S.S. (Best of SuperSeal), Kombat Kuts, and The Breaktionary set

    what do you like to do outside of djing?
    Learning about the secrets of life in the universe & working out, biking and swimming...

    what's the dopest country outside of the US, that you enjoy rockin whenever you're out there?
    toss up between european cities and asian cities

    most memorable moment as a DJ?
    winning the dmc world championships

    top 6 djs of all time?
    My crew:
    Mix Master Mike, Shortkut, D-Styles, Yogafrog, Flare, Disk

    whats your all-time favorite Filipino dish?
    a Fresh Mango… since filipino food is generally the most unhealthiest
    with those gmo oils. they need to raise their awareness and exchange the
    salts with sea salt and change the oils to organic olive or coconut oils when they cook.

    name 3 things your fans may not know about you?
    I sleep with crystals to get musical dreams when i sleep… i listen to Coast to Coast AM radio every night,
    and i always give thanks when i eat, skratch, and pretty much ask the lord for guidance in just about
    everything i do… i’m addicted to giving thanks to the creator, god, the universe, the source, the highest good, etc. whatever you wanna call that greatest power

    what can we expect from Q-Bert in the near future?
    my 2 albums are about to come out: Extra-terrestria (music from space)
    and GalaXXXian (Music imported from Earth) which features me skratching with
    about a dozen rappers

    any last shout-outs?
    peep the site: thudrumble.com and djqbert.com… add me on twitter and instagram

    Mr Gonzo - Interview

    B : Please introduce yourself.
    G : Whats up guys. This is Mr.Gonzo from Seoul, Korea representing Bfuurawks / Tbb Korea

    B : How are you doing these days?
    G : I quit my job recently and been thinking about Breakin allday and night. I just been meeting a lot of my homies, traveling , eating some good foods and just go to the clubs and party.

    B : You been breakin since you were little kid. Tell us your history. From the beginning til now
    G : When I was a kid our family would have gatherings on new years and my grandmother use to give me money when I showed her my lil dance. I liked watching dancers on TV, but I never practice or took it serious. When I turned 10, me and my friends use to dance together for fun. Some kids played games or played outside, but dancing is what we would do. Back then, they didn’t use the term B-Boy, it was just Hip-Hop. There was no such thing as Breakin. All dances were a whole. It was all one. The most shocking and dopest crew in my eyes at that time was Gorilla Crew. I first saw them on TV. As I grew up, I got more deeply into Toprocks and Footworks. At this time everyone called me “the lil one” because I was the youngest in the korea breakin scene. My first jam was “Soul Train 2 vs 2 Breakin Battle” in Augujung. I still remember this jam in 2001. I met B-Boy Ninu of Drifterz crew, Soul Kings. He was in the crew called “Generation” at that time and I got down with the crew “Generation”. As I rep the crew, another crew called “Expression” contacted me and my crew members Rookie, and Tee to take an audition to be down with them. So we took the audition and got down with “Expression” crew also. I was 16 when I got down with Expression. Expression had a lot of performance practices and a lot of crew practicing that I did not understand at that time. So I quit the crew because I wanted to be free. After that I started boxing to release my negative energy. When I turned 19, I got down with Maximum crew. I learned a lot of Korean manners from this crew, although I always had some minor problems with them because they always change or recruit new members. As the time went by, I eventually quit the crew again to follow my path and to find my true colors. I just love dancing alone. I just love breakin and vibing out with people with the same vibe.

    B : What is the biggest change of Korea breakin scene from the past?
    G : Back then, there were a lot of dope B-boys. Right now, I feel like there are a lot of good B-boys in skillwise but, few great Breakboys or Breakgirls. Every battle was intense back then and I could see people getting down at the train station and on the streets. Every B-boys nowadays got caught up with money and focus their life on winning a competition. I feel like a lot of people lost interest of what breakin really is. I hope people could get educated culturally and let themselves be pure.

    B : What are some of the bad things and good things about today’s breakin scene in korea?
    G : Everything is trendy here. That’s good thing and also a bad thing. The environment is great for dancers in Korea. That’s why people are not really desperate. Our Korea’s traditional manners are good and also bad. The breakin scene is big here but there is no culture behind it to support the scene. I hope many B-boys grow up and get a different perspective so they could have more fun when they dance.

    B : If you were a promoter for your jam, who would you invite?
    G : There are a lot of passionate OGs here in Korea that I can pick from . These are the OGs that the young generation could really learn and understand what it really means to be a B-boy. It's not about winning competitions and all that. Korean OGs will educate you to be a better person overall. My goal is to break as long as I can with my people. That’s my ultimate goal.

    B : What is BFW? Or BFUURAWKS?
    G : BFW movement stands for Brother From Whole started by Born from Mighty Zulu Kingz, Fhiz from Floor Gangz, and Chanyc from Zulu Nation Korea. We have been spreading knowledge by doing workshops, showcases, and battles with Nauty One of Rivers Crew, Fhiz, and Tino from Floor Gangz. BFUURAWKS.

    B : What are you interested in besides Breakin?
    G : I been listening to a lot of Music. I've been thinking about playing a music instrument also. And I really want to go on a vacation with my family.

    B : Describe your Breakin Style.
    G : Everything I do is Power. My footwork is Power and I do not make sets I freestyle everything. Everything I do, it’s going to be fresh. People try to judge me but they do not matter. I don’t care about them. I only focus on staying true to me. That is my style.

    B : Is there any story you want to tell the young generation?
    G : There are a lot of good B-Boys trying to rep hard as they can. But almost all of them don't care about the culture. Everyone wants to be famous now. That’s cool, but that’s not going to last long. Do not do something to gain something. Do It for the love. People like me could be more inspired if you guys do that haha.

    B : any last words?
    G : Shout outs to Bofresco and it is pleasure to be featured in Bofresco interview. Shout outs to my brother Stedlove take care of yourself and everyone who are seeing this, or not, take care. Peace, -MRGONZO

    DJ Rasta Root Interview

    Bo: Where are you from...?

    I am born in Ft. St. John British Columbia...in Canada. My parents are from Trinidad & Tobago

    Bo: What was your first set up and What do you currently use...?

    My first set up were Technic 1200s and a gemini 19 ince rack mixer with an 8 second sampler..lol..I currently use Technics with a Rane TTM 57

    Bo: What do you feel about
    Digital Djing to Analog Djing...?

    I think there is a part of me that wishes that it was still an all analog environment (I don't miss the record crate carrying. Now I know its 2012 and I accept and embrace the technology.

    Bo: Most memorable moment as a DJ...?

    Most memorable moment was djing in front of 14000 people in Bogota, Colombia for 'Rap Al Parque'.

    Bo: Tell the folks who you Dj for ?

    I dj for Phife from A Tribe Called Quest, Dwele and Anthony David.

    Bo: What do you feel about the new generation of tablist compared to the the generations in the past?

    I think its definitely a different world now, as far as serato in the battles etc.. but I think there is still alot of great talent out there that are bending the limits of what the equipment can do, So I am not mad at all!

    Bo: Where do you think the current state of hip hop is at in your point of view?

    I think its in a dormant state...It's figuring out where to go next or how to appear to us. A lot of corporations took advantage of it and left it for dead...but I think ithere is something brewing...not sure what...

    Bo: What project's are you currently working on?
    I am currently working on my headshell company called Smokin Shells. It is a high polish dj headshell that is like nothing you have ever seen! www.smokinshells.com. It's my contribution to dj culture.

    Bo: Benz or a Hooptie?

    Hooptie for weekdays..Benz for the weekends...

    Bo: Who are the top 5 DJ's on your list?

    In no order : Jazzy Jeff, ShortKut, Klever, Kemit and myself (lol)

    Bo: What's playing in your I pod currently?

    Currently playing Dwele's new album, 'Greater Than One' in stores August 28th..hahaha...

    Bo: Anything advise you want to share with the new generations up and coming ?

    Just stay true to yourself, practice everyday...and always remember to give back to the beauty art of djing...

    Bo: I so appreciate the time…one more question for the road…Would you prefer the real Vinyl recording or a Mp3 Version?

    Real vinyl...all day...